A Christmas Carol

By briansrapier

Ed. note: I just realized that it’s been nearly a year since I posted my last ‘toon. I’ll try to get back in the groove and do them much more often.


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The Birth-Age Correlation

stopwatchThe waking epiphany is a widely known phenomena by which a person, rousing from a sleep, has a sudden, intuitive insight into the deeper meaning of something or knowledge of how to solve a complex issue. While I have occasionally experienced this phenomena, most of my epiphanies take place in the shower. Maybe it’s because that it where I really wake up or perhaps it’s just because of the peace and solitude I experience being the only person awake in the house at 5AM. Read more

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Drive-by Photography: Scenic Views

blackberry-curve-8330I am an opportunistic photographer. Call me lazy, but I very rarely try to set up a shot or wait for a photographic moment to happen. Usually, moving 5-10 feet in one direction or another to line up the shot is enough effort on my part and I let nature do the rest. Here are a few of my favorite scenes over the past few months.

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The 4-H Stamp of Approval

4H_stampAfter an intense weekend of classroom instruction and hands-on practical training, I was awarded with a 4-H, level-1, Archery Instructor certification. The training went well beyond my expectations; rather than simply teaching archery, we received a crash course in the fundamentals of teaching the youth and how to reach out to the many different age groups currently involved in 4-H programs.
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A Fair Exchange

barter-networkIn an effort to simplify my life I’ve slowly been paring down the amount of stuff I own. In a lot of cases, it has been a lot easier to simply donate smaller items to charity rather than go through the trouble of taking calls, answering e-mails, and driving around just to clean out a couple of closets. I used to freecycle. I was, in fact, a freecycle junkie. However, I was cured of my addiction once and for all by a nutty lady that insisted on free delivery and a warranty on a washer and dryer that I was giving away. Since then, I just put everything out at the curb and 10 times out of ten, it finds it’s way to a new home.

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Drive-by Photography: Emergency Ballon Landing

IMG01833I had a unique experience over the weekend. While driving back from a fun evening out with the kids we espied a hot air ballon landing in a small field next to the highway. I made a quick exit and tracked back to the place where I saw it come down. It wasn’t too hard to find.

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Front Wheel Drive Recumbent

IMG01732Over the past few weeks I’ve been working on a front wheel drive recumbent for my wife as a birthday present. I’ve been documenting the process to build it and posted my progress on Instructables. If you have questions or details concerning the specifics of construction, feel free to contact me.

By briansrapier

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