5 Sure Tips to Increase Your Mileage

August 8, 2008 at 8:57 am 1 comment

With the recent campaign sparring focusing on fuel economy and generally blowing a lot of hot air (wouldn’t it be great if we could turn political windbags into an alternative energy source?), the GBT staff decided it is time to provide the public with some tips that turn your gas-guzzler into a fuel-sipper.

All information provided here was tested in the GBT laboratory prior to publication. (OK, it was my kitchen, but I was wearing a lab coat at the time.) These tips are offered free of charge and without warranty, so follow them at your own risk…

Inflate your tires. The presidential candidates aren’t far off on this one. However, while they recommend inflating to the manufacturer’s specifications, GBT recommends inflating them as high as the air compressor will go. A high pressure tire offers much less rolling resistance, thereby decreasing fuel consumption. Just don’t stand too close while you’re doing it.

Bald is beautiful. While we’re on the subject of tires, the tire tread is the greatest source of friction from the tires. If you really want to save gas, drop by the junk yard on your way home and pick up 4 new (old), previously loved tires. The lack of tread not only offers a much lower rolling resistance than one with life left in it, but also has reduced weight. However, you might want to consider installing a rudder on your vehicle during the rainy season.

Avoid stop-n-go. Traffic congestion is the number one fuel economy killer and dramatically reduces a vehicles lifespan. If possible, choose alternate routes free of congestion and avoid traveling during rush hours. If your schedule dictates that you absolutely must drive at times of congestion, invest in a monster truck. Doing so will ensure that you never have to stop for traffic again… not to mention taking out your revenge on the Yahoo in the Range Rover that keeps weaving in and out of traffic.

Drop a few pounds. Take a look around you. See all that gadgetry that the car salesman convinced you that you couldn’t live without, but six months later still have failed to master how to even turn it on? See the 50 McDonald’s bags balled up on the floor in the back? Are you commuting alone, but still have seats for 3 more people? It’s extra weight that you you are hauling around for no benefit other than reducing your gas mileage. Don’t worry, you won’t even have to lift a finger to fix this problem. Just park it in a bad part of town for a few hours and presto! You’ll return to find your vehicle much lighter and free of any electronic encumbrances. And, if by some slim chance, you return to an empty parking spot, even better! Then you can stop worrying about high gas prices and start using the public transportation system.

Share the ride. If you are one of the many who make your daily commute in solitude, consider sharing the commute with a friend or coworker. Even if your life is devoid of personal human contact and business associates shun you, you can still drive in the HOV lanes by stopping along your route and picking up a hitch-hiker or two. The conversation is guaranteed to be most interesting and you might pick up a few buck for gas in the process. That is if you live through the experience…

Of course, if you have any other tips that you’d like to share, feel feel to pass them along.

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  • 1. scienceguy288  |  August 8, 2008 at 9:10 am

    Inflate your tires? I thought offshore drilling was what we needed?


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