What a Waste!

August 19, 2008 at 3:53 pm 2 comments

What’s black and white and read all over?

What may sound like the beginning of a joke is no laughing matter. Currently, newspapers, and the waste generated during the production process, consume nearly 35% of US landfill space. Despite recycling efforts, approximately one-quarter of all newspapers printed this year will tossed in the garbage rather than a recycling bin, adding 4 million tons of unnecessary waste to already overburdened landfills. In terms of size, annual newspaper waste equates to 15.7 million cubic tons – roughly the equivalent of 11 1/2 Empire State Buildings.

However, a Chilean-based design studio, Onceneto, is working to tackle part of the burdensome problem by recovering waste material from the production process. Onceneto founders Ricardo Vargas and Abi Jarkowiec have teamed up with La Tercera newspaper to re-utilize the waste in creative ways. Rather than recycling the waste through conventional methods, they are using the waste to develop new products for personal use.

Last year Onceneto displayed their first product designs at the Design Connection exhibit held in Buenos Aires. They have now added two new items to the line: the Conolounge chair and the eco+ line of wallets. The first is produced with cardboard tubes from the newspaper printer paper rolls, connected with a steel support. The wallets are made with rubber that acts as ink transmitter in the print process, historically a hard material to recycle – that is, before Onceneto intervened.

Though the chair is currently a prototype waiting for production, Onceneto’s wallets are now being sold at the Comodo store in Santiago de Chile. According to the designers, all of their products are manufactured in Chile under ethical practices.

Onceneto was born in 2005 as an exploration of materials and recycling. In addition to product design, Onceneto also does merchandising and lighting.

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