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Death of a Legend

Paul Leonard Newman

January 26, 1925 – September 26, 2008

Husband. Father. Actor. Businessman. Racecar driver. Philanthropist. Environmentalist.


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Playing with Dollies

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Vote for Pedro

After closely watching the presidential hopefuls over the past few months and listening to the debate, I have carefully considered the positions of both parties and have finally settled on who I will be voting for come November…

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More Energy!

A new electrode structure of Li-ION batteries by QuantumSphere could lead to higher capacities able to keep your gadgets going up to five times longer than usual. The original anode capacity is only ten percent of the weight of a battery. By increasing the percentage of the anode weight to fifty, its surface area also increases dramatically. This larger area that’s enriched with nano lithium particles is responsible for the increase in battery life.

The most obvious use for this technology in the future would be for mobile computing, of course. For laptops, the vision is to set a new standard of 12 hours of use per single charge, while for cell phones, the charge is expected to last for four days on average. It could also be employed on batteries meant for hybrid vehicles. QuantumSphere already filed a patent for its new technology and has raised $20 million for the project. Earlier this month, HP claims to have developed a battery that lasts up to 24 hours while even earlier on, Dell claimed 19 hours battery life.

[via GoodCleanTech]

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This Kid Really Shines

In yet another story about really smart kids that are doing great things for the environment, here is one about a 12-year-old that has theorized a way to increase solar cell efficiency by nearly 500 percent.

William Yuan of Beaverton, Oregon developed the concept and presented it as his middle school science project. His work not only received notoriety in his home town, but captured the attention of the Davidson Institute who awarded young Mr. Yuan with a $25,000 (US) scholarship.

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How to Stop Smoking

By briansrapier

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Shade-Tree (Hugging) Mechanics

We’ve heard of do-it yourself car repair to save money and the planet. Heading over to a local junkyard to find replacement parts is a great way to recycle. But, an actual green auto-body shop? Who knew. Clean Green Collision in Oakland, CA now offers what may be the first green auto repair.

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