Like, Totally Shredded, Dude!

December 16, 2008 at 9:43 am 1 comment

shredMeiko Shokai, which has a large market share of shredder machines in Japan, wants its customers to do more with those shredded paper. At the recently held Eco Products 2008, it introduced its Paper Recycler, a chemical-free equipment to recycle used paper without leaving the office.

Developed with office equipment maker Seed, the Paper Recycler is set of two machines (RPM-1500P/RPM-1500S), one for dissolving paper and one for making new sheets, representing the concepts of Security and Ecology.

A mixer-like device inside the first machine dissolves used paper into a pulp and transports it to the second machine through a pipe, where it is reconstructed, dried and cut up into A4-sized paper ready for use. The whole fully automated process takes 10 hours to produce 1,500 sheets of A4 paper, which translates to about 360,000 sheets in a year. According to the company, paper may be recycled 10 times without degradation in quality.

A 10-hour process will consume about 200 liters of water and 38kWh of electricity. Each of the two machines measures 1.2m x .65m x 1.5m and the set is compact enough for use in most offices. Moreover, because only tap water is needed and no bleaching chemicals are used, it is environmentally friendly enough for eco-aware companies.

Units will be sold in the spring of 2009 for ¥8,000,000 each (about $86,000) and 100 are expected to be sold in the first year.

[via Bouncing Red Ball]


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