Ubuntu: Jaunty vs. Evolution, Xorg, Etc …

ubuntu_jaunty_jackalopeI have been running Ubuntu for several years now, starting with Dapper Drake back in 2006. Not being much of a desktop/graphics person, I’ve slowly mended my ways as I’ve seen Ubuntu become a bridge between the “who needs a GUI, use CLI” hardcore geeks and “just give me something I can point-n-click” crowd allowing Linux to become a main stream OS.

Having experienced a number of issues upgrading version the moment the latest and greatest is released, I am usually apprehensive about just doing a distribution upgrade the second it becomes available. However, a couple of months ago my much loved Dell XPS M1710 was replaced by an HP Compaq 6510b. It has been a lesson in frustration getting anything to work the way it should on the new laptop, mostly because of the crappy Intel graphics controller.

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Drive-by Photography

blackberry-curve-8330I have a Blackberry. It’s not really mine. My company issues them so they can contact employees in the middle of the night just in case there’s a problem, such as the national media over-hyping pig flu resulting in a butt-load of internet traffic coming into our site and causing issues on our network (really).

I’ve never been a fan of electronic devices, even though I have an ipod (I hate mainstream radio). You see people all the time who are married to the thing – constantly communicating with everyone in the world except the ones who are right there with you. However, my Blackberry’s saving grace is the fact that it has a reasonably decent camera and a 4 GB micro SIM card. Since I got it at the end of last summer, I’ve taken upwards of 1700 pictures – mostly family shots, but also a lot of what has been happening around me.

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Out Behind the Woodshed

woodsheddersA couple of years back, a friend of mine let me listen to his Django Reinhardt and St√©phane Grappelli CDs. The few short days they were in my possession took me back seventy years and reintroduced me to the world of swing-jazz. I had been rewarded with the crisp clean sound of a violin, masterfully played and the upbeat thrums and intricate chords of an acoustic guitar. I was even more impressed when I learned of Django’s tragic story and the fact that the intricate chords I was listening to were made with only two fingers.

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Time for a Little Change

rapier_greenLast Summer I started blogging about all things green in a effort to share my knowledge and experiences with others to help them put a little more green in their eveyday lives. Almost immediately I was bombarded by numerous inquiries asking to get their company/product feature on this blog. After several conversations with their promotions firm, I did decide to blog about Timex, which was a direct tie in to a previous article I had written about Yvon Chouinard. Since then, it’s been all downhill.

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A New Spin On Revolving Doors

revolving_doorYou probably come across revolving doors almost on a daily basis, but I bet this is the first one you’ve ever heard of that can actually harness kinetic energy. In the Natuurcaf√© La Port coffee shop in the Netherlands, a special revolving door was built that could harness the kinetic energy generated by the people passing through it. The door is equipped with an energy generator that produces the power stored in a set of supercapacitators. People passing through could clearly see the mechanism through the transparent glass on the ceiling.

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Like, Totally Shredded, Dude!

shredMeiko Shokai, which has a large market share of shredder machines in Japan, wants its customers to do more with those shredded paper. At the recently held Eco Products 2008, it introduced its Paper Recycler, a chemical-free equipment to recycle used paper without leaving the office.

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Let it snow!


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